When “Friends” manipulate

In the Herald Scotland today “Climate concern: Scotland burns four times more waste than five years ago



For me, the main issue in the article is the constant characterisation of Energy-from-Waste as “incineration”. This is emotive language, designed to elicit a negative view of Energy-from-Waste. Friends of the Earth are using this approach to manipulate people who read these media articles. Plain and simple, that is what they are doing.

Let’s get this straight

  • Incineration is a method of disposing of waste by burning it.
  • A bonfire is a method of disposing of plant-based material by burning it.
  • Labelling an Energy-from-Waste plant an “incinerator” is like saying a biomass woodchip boiler is a “bonfire”.

Unless FoE talk straight on this issue it will continue to be difficult taking them seriously. This is a shame because they probably have some valid points to raise on this topic.