What is heterodox economics?

(Mostly what is mainstream economics, as this post turned out). The field of economics is overwhelmingly dominated by a single school of thought - known as Neoclassical Economics. Almost all economists are neoclassical economists. Note: I am incorrectly blending together Neoclassical Economists with New Keynesians (not actually Keynesians - he would be turning in his … Continue reading What is heterodox economics?

“Taxpayers money” is a neoliberal trope

A common refrain, "taxpayers money". We feel it with outrage when talking about the wasteful government programme gone awry. It helps strengthen our argument when we push for greater levels of oversight and scrutiny in public procurement. Taxpayers money is intuitive. It makes us feel important and empowered; we pay taxes and it is therefore … Continue reading “Taxpayers money” is a neoliberal trope

Reduce energy prices two ways with the “merit order effect”

The "merit order effect" is a term to describe the how the energy market operates (here in the UK, also Australia and other places) such that the addition of more renewables into the grid will lower the cost of energy overall. I won't try to re-descibe what has already been adequately described by people who … Continue reading Reduce energy prices two ways with the “merit order effect”

When “Friends” manipulate

In the Herald Scotland today "Climate concern: Scotland burns four times more waste than five years ago" /web/20230505134025/ For me, the main issue in the article is the constant characterisation of Energy-from-Waste as "incineration". This is emotive language, designed to elicit a negative view of Energy-from-Waste. Friends of the Earth are using this approach to manipulate people who read these … Continue reading When “Friends” manipulate

Carbon Capture and Storage, honestly

Great to see Juice Media and their “honest” Australian Government announcements getting some traction here in Scotland. Robin McAlpine in a recent Common Weal blog post wrote about carbon capture and storage (CCS) and how the tech doesn’t work, can’t work and merely delays action to phase out fossil fuels. The Juice Media video … Continue reading Carbon Capture and Storage, honestly

Strategies for Zero Carbon Heat in Buildings

The Folly of Hydrogen as a Source of Heat in Buildings An industry group representing heavy carbon emitting industries (such as oil and gas) as well as Carbon Capture and Strorage (CCS) players and hydrogen technology developers has proudly published a report back in July. The "Scottish Cluster" commissioned the report to explore the role … Continue reading Strategies for Zero Carbon Heat in Buildings

Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds (DIFs) of Economic Policy

A great article on the #MintTheCoin campaign; which is a proposal to side-step the US government’s self-imposed (and weaponised) debt ceiling by having the government instruct the Mint to create a $1 trillion platinum coin. Well worth a read. Included in the article is some discussion about how Republicans know full well that they … Continue reading Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds (DIFs) of Economic Policy

The Memex Method (Hello World)

Cory Doctorow's inautural article on Medium with the title "The Memex Method”, describes a 20 year blogging habit. The article showcases his online, public version of a commonplace book, "the auctorial equivalent to the artist's sketchbook", and the benefits this brings. I had to look up the definition of “auctorial”, which means “of or … Continue reading The Memex Method (Hello World)