What is heterodox economics?

(Mostly what is mainstream economics, as this post turned out). The field of economics is overwhelmingly dominated by a single school of thought - known as Neoclassical Economics. Almost all economists are neoclassical economists. Note: I am incorrectly blending together Neoclassical Economists with New Keynesians (not actually Keynesians - he would be turning in his … Continue reading What is heterodox economics?

Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds (DIFs) of Economic Policy

A great article on the #MintTheCoin campaign; which is a proposal to side-step the US government’s self-imposed (and weaponised) debt ceiling by having the government instruct the Mint to create a $1 trillion platinum coin. Well worth a read. https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/22711346/trillion-dollar-coin-mintthecoin-debt-ceiling-beowulf?__twitter_impression=truehttps://www.vox.com/platform/amp/22711346/trillion-dollar-coin-mintthecoin-debt-ceiling-beowulf Included in the article is some discussion about how Republicans know full well that they … Continue reading Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds (DIFs) of Economic Policy